Case Study

Going the extra mile to connect refugee workers with great clients and opportunities

Adecco provides support to “noncitizens” navigating employment in the US

4 minutes

July 10, 2024

A worker listens and concentrates, while wearing a hard hate, safety glasses, and safety ear muffs around their neck

Located in a remote, rural area without public transit, two long-time clients regularly struggled to fill their light industrial positions.

At Adecco, we’re no stranger to going beyond online job boards to find great talent.

Our local Adecco team decided to take a different approach to grassroots recruitment and partnered with a nonprofit to match "noncitizens" with job openings. This group includes refugees, asylum seekers, special immigrant visa holders, and victims of human trafficking.

In addition to acting as a guide and knowledge center, we helped make the interview process easier. Our team holds site tours with candidates to show them our clients’ work environments and the roles we fill. We also conduct interviews with the help of a translator to better understand candidates’ background and English-language proficiency.

So far, only a handful of associates have joined the program, but our clients are thrilled with their performance. Most are on track to transition to our clients’ payroll or have already been hired permanently.

At Adecco, we’re truly passionate about “making the future work for everyone,” and that commitment means tapping into our expertise to help great talent overcome the hurdles keeping them from great opportunities. For both us and our clients, this has been a rewarding opportunity to embrace new talent while supporting our local community.

Our goal moving forward is to recruit and support more refugees and implement a mentorship program between new and long-time associates.

With our local branches, grassroots recruiting efforts are informed by colleagues who understand their community and its unique needs. In addition to using social media to reach potential candidates, we participate in local career fairs, school activities – and host our own recruiting events with our Jobmobile program.

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