Adecco is a trusted partner within the transportation industry and works closely with top companies to deliver flexible recruitment solutions and success.

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Let’s get you moving

We take a comprehensive approach to recruiting drivers by utilizing both traditional recruiting methods and deploying advertisements and flyers in trucker-friendly locations and websites.

Our specialty recruiters provide qualified CDL drivers and ensure DOT compliance for our clients coast-to-coast.

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ADO_icon_web__Custom programs based on your goals
Build a program that works

We develop the best possible recruitment solutions based on your specific business needs.

Source and screen at scale

We recruit for a variety of roles in this industry, from truck drivers and warehouse workers to logisticians and cargo handlers.

ADO_icon_web__Better understanding of talent
Match talent to business

We fill all your vacancies at top speed so your business can keep running as efficiently as possible.

Keep driving strong

When plans change, we’re here to help you adapt and still retain great talent.

Our global advantage
  • ADO_icon_web__60 countries

    60+ countries

  • ADOiconweb50 Clients

    100,000+ clients

  • ADO_icon_web__70 000 Workers

    39,000+ employees

  • ADO_icon_web__Programs

    2m associates

Discover the Adecco difference

Quality connections, quality results.

ADO_icon_web__Custom outsourcing solutions
Custom staffing solutions

We customize solutions based on your unique business needs and goals.

ADO_icon_web__Staffing solutions that scale
Workforce planning at scale

One worker or 100? We craft strategies that fit your goals for today and tomorrow.

ADO_icon_web__A talent surplus
Award-winning safety

We utilize cutting-edge technology and strategies to reduce incident rates.

ADO_icon_web__Advanced technology
Advanced technology

Using innovative tech and a data-informed approach, we aim for long-term success.

ADO_icon_web__Upskilling - reskilling

We connect your talent to free career-changing training.

ADO_icon_web__Rapid turnaround
Rapid turnaround

Our proven recruiting strategies allow you to quickly connect with 100s of candidates.

Recruitment solutions

Unlock your business potential.

ADO_icon_web__Temporary placement
Temporary staffing

We manage every step, from candidate search to payroll and admin.


We offer intuitive, predictive tools and
calculators for smarter decision-making.

Managed service provider

We combine the best parts of an MSP with a holistic staffing solution.

ADO_icon_web__Permanent placement
Permanent recruitment

From sourcing to shortlisting, we
guarantee the right match for your team.

ADO_icon_web__Custom workforce solutions
Master vendor program

Our solution is completely adaptable, no matter the size or scope.

Our national advantage
  • ADO_icon_web__60 countries

    15m candidates

  • ADOiconweb50 Clients

    2,500+ clients

  • ADO_icon_web__450 Locations

    300+ locations

  • ADO_icon_web__70 000 Workers

    35,000+ associates