Master vendor program

Productivity, efficiency, performance: With Adecco as your primary staffing vendor, you'll gain a high-impact staffing solution designed to maximize your workforce.
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Best-in-class solution

With our MVP program, you'll find the best administrative, supervisory, and systems support. What you won't find? The headaches that come with engaging multiple vendors.

You'll work with one Adecco team to address any problems, change staffing requests, optimize suppliers, and identify ways to save costs.

Benefits of our MVP

  • TilePointIconCentralized accountability and single point of contact
  • TilePointIconThought leadership rooted in decades of staffing experience
  • TilePointIconPerformance metrics and KPI adherence
  • TilePointIconDaily market analysis and research
  • TilePointIconAdecco's national and global network
  • TilePointIconSupplier integration and improved transparency
  • TilePointIconConsistent onboarding and compliance metrics
  • TilePointIconInnovative recruitment strategies
  • TilePointIconStrategic safety and risk management support
  • TilePointIconConsolidated invoicing and reporting

Customized and optimized

Since we first implemented MVPs over 20 years ago, we've managed hundreds of different variations, evolving and improving each program over time. In addition to providing vendor consolidation, our Master Vendor Program is completely scalable and adaptable, no matter the size or scope.

While working with us, our industry experts will help optimize service delivery, contract compliance, strategic planning, and data management. Plus, you'll gain access to cutting-edge technology and a staffing partner who knows how to stay ahead of industry trends and markets.
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Success is a team effort

With three essential roles, your Adecco team will be on hand for every challenge, from launching your program to navigating peak season.

ADO_icon_web__Finding the best match


Develop best practices, processes, tools, and performance metrics to establish a staffing program tailored to your business

ADO_icon_web__Perform deep dicovery


Provide customized support and resources created by our experts in law, risk management, HR, information systems, and other critical specialties

ADO_icon_web__Optimise and improve


Work with local branches and approved suppliers for local recruiting, screening, placement, and other day-to-day responsibilities

What strategy works for you?

Our experienced team of professionals can work with you to develop the right solution – for right now and tomorrow.

Our national advantage

  • ADO_icon_web__60 countries

    15m candidates

  • ADOiconweb50 Clients

    2,500+ clients

  • ADO_icon_web__450 Locations

    300+ locations

  • ADO_icon_web__70 000 Workers

    35,000+ associates

Recruitment solutions

Unlock your business potential.

ADO_icon_web__Temporary placement

Temporary staffing

We manage every step, from candidate search to payroll and admin.



We offer intuitive, predictive tools and
calculators for smarter decision-making.


Managed service provider

We combine the best parts of an MSP with a holistic staffing solution.

ADO_icon_web__Permanent placement

Permanent recruitment

From sourcing to shortlisting, we
guarantee the right match for your team.

ADO_icon_web__Specialised experts

Onsite management

Our leading program is the model of best practices for large temp workforces.