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Breaking the bias against women in the workforce

How can employers support the women in their organization?

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Two female workers in a warehouse, one dress in business attire and the other dressed as a floor worker, look at a laptop together. They are smiling

Gender bias is an unfortunate reality that is often present in company culture and organizational practices. It can impact development conversations, the hiring process, and even compensation decisions. As a result, it can hinder employers from hiring top talent and promoting them to leadership positions.

The pandemic and a looming recession may be contributing to more bias in the workplace, affecting female employees in a range of roles from service jobs to the C-suite. Women are also tasked with balancing work, domestic tasks, and family responsibilities – which has resulted in lower labor force participation rates. In North America, the female labor force participation rate is currently 10% less than it is for males.

Download our white paper in the chatbox to the right, and learn:

  • What gender bias is and how it shows up in the workplace
  • How gender bias can impact critical HR decision-making
  • What you can do about bias in your company

How can you combat gender bias in your workplace? Adecco can help. We’re committed to supporting all workers, regardless of gender. We believe that women and men deserve equal representation in the labor market and that their unique perspectives and contributions are needed throughout all organizations.

It's time to challenge the status quo and build fairer, more welcoming workplaces. Reach out today and let's get to work together.