Case Study

Case study: Trailblazing a new and smarter path to attract candidates

Adecco helps our client with direct sourcing in a tight rural market

5 minutes

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Our client struggled to find candidates in several different rural markets. By just using the usual job boards, they couldn’t get any traction, so they partnered with Adecco to source candidates for their internal talent and acquisition team to review.

Adecco brought its full toolbox of recruitment strategies, from Facebook to grassroots campaigns to our internal database. Our client was thrilled.

19 million registered candidates in Adecco databases

Within two weeks we implemented a program that would’ve easily taken the client six months to accomplish on their own.

They were able to test and see which recruitment methods worked with job candidates in the area. 

Adecco was also able to speed up their hiring process by screening candidates through AI. As job seekers applied, they were asked to answer a few simple questions that quickly let us and them know if they were suitable for the job. AI allowed us to quickly ‘knock out’ candidates who were immediately not interested in the openings and those who might have been ineligible due to their location or for being under 18 years old.

Our outreach includes: Social media, Online advertising and research, Job board postings, Automated calling and texting, Grassroots recruiting

We seamlessly screened thousands of candidates, which would’ve required individual phone screens for our client otherwise.

When you partner with Adecco to compile a talent pool, whether it’s a part of an MSP program or direct hire, we can streamline your hiring process while still finding the right candidates. Learn more how we’ve overcome unique market and business challenges for our clients in the past – or reach out today to learn more about our direct sourcing capabilities.