Case Study

We’re like a dog with a bone when it comes to meeting our client’s needs

Adecco’s Managed Service Provider offers the perfect long-term solution

4 minutes

May 1, 2024 Adecco

An office worker sits at their desk with a french bulldog sitting on their lap.

Our client, a leader in animal healthcare, needed a supplier and Managed Service Provider (MSP) who could help mitigate turnover, ensure candidate diversity, drive employee and supplier engagement, and ensure continuous improvement and program innovation.

13.8% to 1.7% reduction in turnover; 5x increase in diverse candidates

Roles were needed across multiple skill categories: Light industrial, scientific, IT and engineering, professional, clerical, and creative and marketing.

To ensure we had the perfect solution, we conducted an in-person workshop with our client to build a strategic roadmap focused on program evolution. We brought together key teams from across our parent company, The Adecco Group, including LHH, Akkodis, as well as Adecco’s Medical & Science and Creative & Marketing teams.

6+ job categories staffed by leveraging The Adecco Group’s specialty brands and business units

As a result of this meeting, we implemented the following:
●  Integrated campus recruiting program
●  Rolled out Adecco Analytics platform
●  Created diversity dashboard and hosted joint Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) events
●  Provided pay rate data and analysis

33-point increase in our Relational Net Promoter Score (rNPS); 7-year relationship and counting

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