Adecco Military Alliance for veterans and military spouses

Veterans are our heroes, and their partners are their support. Now it’s up to us to support their careers.
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We've got your six

As a veteran, you’ve served your country. Now let us serve your career. Adecco and our clients understand the value veterans bring to the workplace. This is why veterans are in high demand in the civilian workforce. When you’ve completed your military career, you can work with Adecco from almost anywhere because of our nationwide footprint. We can connect you with the right opportunity at companies of any size, with a range of flexible work possibilities. We also want you right here at Adecco!
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“As a veteran, working for a Military Friendly company means that my employer understands and values my military service. They see what individuals with military backgrounds bring to the workplace and leverage our unique skills to enhance culture and training.”

Tim Falletti, Director of Executive Search, Adecco 
United States Army, 1999-2006

We’re also proud to assist military spouses

Your support on the home front is invaluable to your family and our military’s readiness. Your career goals are equally important. A strong support system like Adecco can help you achieve professional success. Since 2002, our Military Alliance program has helped spouses maintain career momentum throughout frequent PCS moves, deployments, and uncertainty.

Adecco is a leader in addressing our nation’s high military spouse unemployment rate. We are proud to be recognized as a military spouse friendly employer and to offer spouses portable careers, online training, and professional support.

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“My journey with Adecco began in 2005 as a recruiter. The company steadfastly supported my career progression throughout my family’s seven PCS moves, two overseas assignments, four deployments and two children. I am proud to lead the Adecco Military Alliance program for the US.”

Rachelle Chapman, Senior Manager Strategic Partnership 
Adecco Group US Foundation  
Military spouse, Navy

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