How to use networking to benefit your career in a virtual world

Networking in looks very different from what it used to be before the pandemic

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June 7, 2021 Adecco

A professional engaged in a video conference call with colleagues on a computer screen.

Networking today looks very different from what it used to be before the pandemic. Online networking is one of the most powerful tools for any eager jobseeker, so we’ve rounded up a few of the top techniques you can use to build your network and increase your chances of landing a job. Let’s get started!

Leverage social media

Keeping active on social media may already be part of your routine, but you can also leverage this to help you find a job. Post industry-related content on your profile and stay in touch with ex-coworkers that may prove to be well-connected in the world of work. Reaching out to people once in a while could lead to a job opportunity, just don’t spam them with messages as you might come off as unprofessional. If you treat social networks as a networking tool, they can open doors for you with family and friends in ways that you might not have considered before.

Update your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is where all the experts in your industry hang out, so being active on the platform is an effective way of finding out about job openings and staying in touch with your professional network. Update your profile with your latest employment and training information to catch the eye of potential employers and post your resume on your timeline to let your contacts know that you’re open to new job opportunities. Here are the essential aspects of your LinkedIn profile that you should update:

  • Professional profile photo
  • Current (or most recent) job title
  • Accurate and up to date job history
  • Relevant work skills
  • Summary section at the top of your profile with a brief bio about yourself

Take your LinkedIn to the next level by sharing original insights, interesting articles, and attending virtual events. All these actions increase the likelihood of a recruiter or hiring manager coming across your profile.

Join online communities

The internet is full of professional communities packed with dedicated people who love to talk about their work and their industry. Join a group on Facebook or LinkedIn to interact with like-minded people who often post information about job vacancies and free trainings. By becoming an active member of an online community, not only can you provide value to others, but you could also build your professional brand and stand out from your competition! When people see that you’re a passionate and leading member of your professional network, you increase your authority and become an obvious choice for recruiters looking to fill a position at their company.

Don’t stop your job-search efforts there. As well as virtual networking, you should regularly check Adecco for the latest vacancies in the best U.S. companies!