Case Study

Case Study: Utilizing centralized delivery for rapid workforce deployment

Adecco partnered with our client’s HR to understand the true magnitude of COVID-19’s impact on the grocery retailer

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March 16, 2021 Adecco

A senior worker stocking shelves in a grocery store.

The challenge

Our client, a leading grocery and retail company, experienced tremendous pressure amid the COVID-19 pandemic to keep essential inventory flowing. With the surge on grocery stores from consumers, they needed immediate workforce support to help keep shelves stocked, stores clean, and groceries picked.

Our approach

Adecco partnered with our client's Vice President of HR to understand the true magnitude of COVID-19’s impact on the grocery retailer. As the master vendor of this program with three suppliers supporting the demand, we executed a client-specific recruitment strategy to rapidly and efficiently fill the essential roles, while maintaining candidate quality. We utilized candidate-matching technology so our recruiters could autonomously match available candidates to the open orders for our client, which reduced time-to-fill.

Through shifting to a virtualized onboarding process, we were able to push more candidates through the pipeline and improve retention. We worked with our client to lift their strenuous drug and background check requirements due to testing sites being overwhelmed and courts being closed because of the pandemic. Lastly, we leveraged a centralized delivery model to manage the volume of staffing requests across 18 states to ensure consistency in the process for Adecco and all suppliers.

Due to the impact of COVID-19, we partnered with our client to develop an emergency plan in time of crisis to ensure ongoing preparedness. Since then we have supported our client through additional disasters that have happened across the U.S.

“We could not have done this without Adecco.” -VP of Corporate Organizational Performance

Utilizing Centralized Delivery for Rapid Workforce Deployment Battlecard

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