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Through our train-the-trainer program, Brandi made a giant leap in her career in just four years – while making sure to pay it forward

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February 2, 2024 Adecco

Selfies Brandi took of herself on site

The right upskilling opportunity has the power to change lives. Just ask our associates.

Brandi initially joined Adecco working as a packer on temporary assignment for an Ohio client. In just four years, she was able to work her way to a permanent position as safety manager for Adecco.  

She accomplished this by completing the train-the-trainer forklift upskilling program offered through The Adecco Group US Foundation (The Foundation).

This forklift training initiative began at this client’s location when the onsite manager had a substantial need for forklift operators who were OSHA-certified in both sit-down and stand-up reach trucks. But due to the ongoing need for forklift operators at this site, The Foundation’s train-the-trainer program was the right solution because it also offers our associates the chance to become the teacher and pass along those skills to associates.

The train-the-trainer program allows Adecco and The Foundation to offer upskilling at scale and at a lower cost.

When Brandi took forklift training, she was upskilled by an Adecco colleague who had previously gone through the train-the-trainer program.

Following the program, Brandi was able to move into a new, higher-paying role as line captain. She also stepped up to become a trainer and certify other associates on the site’s equipment, including tuggers and walk-behinds/forklifts.

“I am just really excited about the whole experience and being able to empower the associates (especially the women) with more knowledge, training, and ultimately setting them up for success!” she said.

Brandi continued the hard work and was eventually hired as Adecco as a colleague in 2021. For workers like her, the program provides them the opportunity to make a change in more ways than one. Brandi’s salary more than doubled over the past four years as she was promoted and gained new skills.

Brandi’s success story in action: 2017, Packer; 2018, Line captain then trainer; 2019, Team lead and ERT member; 2021, Hired as safety manager at Adecco

Her current goal though? “Ensure the production lines are always runnin’ and hummin’ – safely.”

Learn more about how our OSHA-certified forklift training program can improve retention and safety at your workplace, or reach out to us today to discuss the free upskilling and reskilling programs available through our partnership with The Foundation.