Vocational skills - skilled trades are in demand as boomers retire

What happens when the boomers retire?

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June 7, 2016 Adecco

Factory worker operating industrial machine

Two things are happening:

Baby Boomers are saying goodbye to their jobs in construction, manufacturing and engineering, and younger generations are looking for work outside of those industries. So, who exactly is replacing the Boomers?

How are Baby Boomers employed?

Many Boomers have vocational careers and occupy lots of our country’s skilled trade jobs. Check out how the ratio of those who work "skilled trades" vs. "other jobs" is reversing (in favor of "other jobs") among younger workers.


skilled trades age breakdown

skilled trades jobs

Which positions will be most affected?

Baby Boomers hold a sizable majority of the following positions. It’s time to figure out how we’re going to fill them. A reported 62% of firms are struggling to fill important skilled trade positions. 

skilled trades jobs affected

What will happen if nothing is done?

graphic showing what will happen if skilled trade positions are not filled

What can be done to fill this gap?

skill trades graphic on training


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