Beat the Great Resignation: Understand your workers’ aspirations

The pandemic has changed what workers are looking for from their employers. Get ahead of the situation with our research and insights into workers’ aspirations

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March 1, 2022 Adecco

Top 3 criteria for workers choosing a job. Salary, Work Atmosphere, Career Development.

Understanding and addressing workers’ professional aspirations.

The pandemic has changed what workers are looking for from their employers, and companies do not yet fully understand the extent of this change. Our research and insights can help you to satisfy your workers’ professional aspirations and get ahead of the situation.

In our Exploring Workers’ Professional Aspirations paper, we discover that:

  • Companies and workers are aligned on the importance of salary, work atmosphere, and career opportunity.
  • Companies and workers have divergent preferences in leadership styles.
  • Flexibility, health and safety, and wellbeing are key to workers’ happiness in the new normal.
  • A mix of digital and personal communication is now the expected norm.

The Great Resignation is making recruitment and retention harder than ever before. Adecco’s research into over 1,300 workers across 10 countries to help you get ahead of the situation and find the strongest talent.

Download Exploring Workers’ Professional Aspirations, our guide on attracting the strongest employees, and then learn how our Permanent Recruitment team can help you find the right direct hires.