Case Study

Case study: Improved first call resolution and client satisfaction

Adecco takes on call center management to improve performance and measure success

2 minutes

April 22, 2022 Adecco

Smiling person wearing headset looking at laptop screen.

Our client, a general merchandise retailer, was looking for ways to improve the overall management of their call center. They needed an outsourcing vendor capable of managing the end-to-end operation of their year-round call center, with a solution focused on attracting, training, engaging, and retaining talent to meet service levels and quality metrics.

8.3 Out of 10 customer survey results

We deployed daily team huddles, interactive training, and personalized communications with associates to out-perform other call center locations on customer surveys in understanding the clients' needs.

74% First-call resolution

We worked closely with our client to address operational need for issue resolution resulting in higher first-call resolution and NPS score than client-run call center.

90% Call quality

We used our client’s performance management tool to provide data analytics on our workforce, to increase associate schedule adherence, to identify coaching opportunities, and to measure call quality to meet KPIs.

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