The importance of coaching Gen Z employees

Meet today's turbulent job market with a different kind of workplace perk.

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November 4, 2022 Adecco

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If your organization wants to stay competitive in the years to come, you need to focus on attracting and retaining Gen Z employees. This generation is different than any other that has come before it, and they require a unique approach to management in order to be successful. See how coaching can help you skyrocket your young employees’ potential and grow your workforce in today’s competitive job market.

College graduates benefit from coaching

Gen Z graduated in the middle of a pandemic and at a turbulent time for the US job market. Six months after graduation, only half of the class of 2020 had traditional full-time jobs. This has made new graduates feel uncertain about their future, and employers are recognizing the value of coaching to increase confidence and develop skills among their youngest employees.

Coaching can help young workers develop their career path and absorb valuable knowledge from more experienced employees. This can give a sense of reassurance to your Gen Z employees and help them create a clear path within your company via milestones, objectives, and challenges that they can reach with the guidance of their career mentor.

Reduce Gen Z job-hopping with coaching

Today’s labor market is highly competitive, with companies offering attractive incentives to talented young professionals. Gen Z workers have taken full advantage of this and are particularly prone to job-hopping. Surveys show that over half of young workers say they would consider changing employers this year. Companies should be concerned by this, as quitting sprees can influence 70% of employees to consider quitting themselves.

Coaching is a powerful tool to combat this trend, as 94% of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their professional development. Coaches and mentors show employees that you’re serious about setting them up for success and can increase your retention rates dramatically as a result.

Coaching makes Gen Z workers feel connected

Gen Z workers are feeling disconnected from their organization and co-workers on a global level. Over half of young employees report a decline in their mental health and their inability to interact with coworkers is a driving factor. Adecco research confirms this, with our studies showing that 49% of employees are worried about their mental well-being.

Coaching may be the answer to connecting your Gen Z workers with the rest of your workforce and helping them fight mental health issues at work. A coaching program at DoorDash increased the company’s talent retention rates and even resulted in more employees earning a promotion.

Coaching can be implemented in different ways, from peer mentoring to virtual coaching. These can develop strong workplace bonds and make it less likely for your Gen Z talent to feel isolated in an increasingly remote world of work. 

Gen Z values diversity-focused coaching

Gen Z is the most diverse generation in US history, and organizations that focus on diversity are highly-attractive to young people in today’s job market. Surveys show that 83% of Gen Z job-seekers value a company’s commitment to DE&I.

Employers can leverage coaches and mentors to focus on diversity and inclusion while showing Gen Z talent that they hold the same values as them. This can also drastically improve your employer brand, as young talent will spread the word about your organization being an inclusive place to work where diversity is an active part of employee development. This may in turn reduce the cost of hiring top talent and will make your business sought-after among top Gen Z candidates.

Adecco can help

If your organization is new to coaching, you might be unsure how to get started. At Adecco, we’ve partnered with EZRA to deliver 1-on-1 coaching to employees and leaders all over the country. EZRA is an Adecco Group Company offering flexible virtual coaching that makes it easier for our customers to access career mentors whenever they need them. EZRA has found in a 22% increase in talent retention for candidates that get personalized coaching, and 58% of line managers report improvements in team performance. To learn more about how we can help your organization engage with its Gen Z employees through coaching, contact us today!