Case Study

Case study: Helping a growing start-up navigate success

Adecco supports a business that took off during the pandemic

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May 4, 2022 Adecco

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses experienced detrimental drops in revenue. However, just as many faced a much different challenge: fast and unexpected growth.

Adecco’s Operational Excellence team was connected with one of those young companies. They found themselves unprepared to handle so many new hires and changes in leadership. Its current HR team knew there were issues holding the company back, but they couldn’t figure out what they were.

Our team conducted one-on-one interviews from the top to the bottom of the HR org chart, from the Chief People Officer to recruiters and onsite HR generalists. They were on the lookout for pain points and to understand the business’s current process flows.

130+ Pages on Process Mapping, Pain Points, and Targets for Improvement

Through lean methodology, we created a report that noted these gaps and breakdowns in their process and identified HR swim lanes, noting who owned what responsibilities. We identified targets that would be easy and quick to address and the areas where they weren’t tapping into the full use of the resources available (tools and tech that were being used for one purpose, when they had the capacity to do much more).

Most importantly though, the report also gave them our recommendations on how to fix these challenges and quantified the improvement the business would see.

Scorecard, KPI Development, Performance Management, and Process Analysis

Filling open positions is one thing, but at Adecco, we can support you and your business with much more. Whether it’s helping keep your worksite safe and compliant or finding and addressing larger challenges, we have the experience and subject matter experts to find the right solutions. Learn more about our successes