Case Study

Case study: A fresh approach leads to a drop in overtime

Our Operational Excellence team’s strategy improves production without additional hires

2 minutes

March 22, 2022 Adecco

Smiling supervisor in sterile white uniform using tablet while standing in food plant.

Our client in food production faced a consistent challenge: They regularly exceeded their overtime budget while trying to meet their production goals.

Our internal Operational Excellence team came onboard to consult and fix the chronic issue. Over a few months, the team utilized Lean methodology to break down the client’s production process – from plant capacity to hours logged to the product itself. Working from that data, our team designed and proposed two different production calendars.

With those in hand, we went to our client’s employees, first sending out a virtual survey and then conducting onsite interviews. Through this process, a new scheduling option took shape and was then implemented.

10% increase in production for product line, $50,000 projected yearly savings in overtime, 0 additional hires needed

Because we spoke directly with employees, we could give them greater shift flexibility and a better work/life balance – and our client will meet their production goals without adding to their payroll.

With our internal Operational Excellence team, Adecco offers cutting-edge strategies, at often half the cost of contracting an outside consultant. Learn more about the tools and expertise you’ll gain when you partner with a true leader in staffing.