Case Study

A “fast” success, months in the making

Using our proprietary Market Intelligence Tool, Adecco builds a case for wage increases for a long-term client in a highly competitive rural area.

3 minutes

May 24, 2022 Adecco

Factory worker wearing safety glasses and yellow hardhat.

In a highly competitive rural area, our client was struggling to fill temp positions in the automotive sector. Hiring slowed during the COVID-19 pandemic, yet bounced back strongly, so we knew the existing wage structure had become uncompetitive. As our client was starting to ramp their hiring after parts shortage impact, we knew we needed a change. Mapping the market actuals for supply and demand and using a Data Science model to consult on cost of hire vs cost of turnover we instituted a $2 per hour wage increase, and within weeks we saw a drastic change.

78 Calls for 1 hire, Five weeks later, 22 Calls for 1 hire

For our partner, an international company with sites across the country, deciding to make this change could not – and did not – happen overnight. With more than two decades working together, we already understood our client’s decision-making process and the insights they needed to make an informed choice and gain internal alignment. They trusted us to provide them with research and unbiased feedback.

After thorough research using our proprietary Market Intelligence Tool which combines third-party insights with Adecco’s own data, we started building a case for wage increases and updated and counselled on model impacts in our weekly meetings with our local team. This armed those managers with data and recommendations to bring to their own leadership team at a national and global level.

Average before the pay increase: 19 New starts each week. Average after the pay increase: 38 New starts each week

While we counselled on wage increases, our team kept using all our sourcing expertise to maximize fulfillment channel impacts: cold calling, texting candidates and associates, community outreach, advertisements, social media campaigns and other innovative sourcing strategies like geo-fenced digital sourcing were all applied by our team. The impact is that when we agreed the wage increase, the tools, processes and candidates were already in place to fill roles and reduce turnover – fast.

That's why in just three weeks, we increased our headcount by 88 associates. 

When your company faces staffing challenges, you need a partner who understands change on a market level and how to drive actions to move with it. We’re committed to making decisions based on data and insights which when combined with our significant experience in the automotive industry, we get to work for your team the right way, right away. Contact us today to find out.