Case Study

Training, guides, and mentorship - building steps to forklift safety

In two years, Adecco brings forklift liability claims down more than 70%.

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July 22, 2022 Adecco

Worker in forklift-truck loading packed goods in huge distribution warehouse with high shelves.

Our client was reporting a high number of on-site forklift accidents. Our Adecco Risk Management team stepped in to not only help improve safety – but to also create a new opportunity for our associates.

Through our partnership with the Adecco Group US Foundation, we put in place a program to train associates in becoming an OSHA-certified forklift operator. Plus, it offered associates a new career path and $2–3 hourly increase from their current picker/packer role.

2019: 23 Claims; 2021: 6 Claims

Thanks to mentoring and safety programs, it allowed the drivers to learn how to operate forklifts in a more efficient and safer manner. After the training, each associate spent the following 30 days being mentored by an Adecco ambassador. Their mentor encouraged good habits and helped them get used to driving and operating the machine on site. This additional guidance is critical, because small mistakes can have big repercussions in warehouses, especially best practices like maintaining a safe speed, navigating tight corners, or watching out for worker activity on the floor.

Nearly 75% drop in claims

In addition, we created a strict standard operating procedure (SOP) and posted checklists to each machine, reminding associates to check their equipment and the proper routes to travel from one point to another.

Across Adecco, our goal is to ensure associate and client success, while minimizing injuries and property damage. That’s why our Risk Management team was one of three winners of the 2021 Works’ Comp Risk Management Award for Excellence, named by NU Property & Casualty magazine. Learn how we’re bringing the latest tech and best practices to our clients or reach out today to learn how we can support you.