Breaking the bias against women in the workplace

How can employers support the women on their team?

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March 7, 2022 Adecco

Woman arms crossed to show solidarity.

Too emotional. Too bossy. Too nice.

Gender bias is hard-wired into our psychology, society, and systems. It creeps into development conversations, infiltrates interviews, and steals its way into salary decisions. It’s a big reason why many employers struggle to fill their open positions and promote their best talent into leadership roles.

The pandemic pushed us backward on the long road to gender equality, as women workers – disproportionately represented in the service sector and hourly jobs – fell out of the labor market at higher rates while taking on more caring and domestic responsibilities. According to the WEF, it’ll now take over 136 years to close the gender gap.

At Adecco, we’re passionate about supporting all workers. And we won’t accept that women should wait a moment longer for an equal place in the labor market. Now, more than ever, we need women back in the workforce, sitting at every board table, involved in designing every piece of software, and bringing their fresh perspectives to challenge and refine every decision that impacts our lives.

In our whitepaper, How to #BreakTheBias in your workplace, we share:

  • What gender bias is and how it shows up in the workplace.
  • How gender bias can impact critical HR decision-making.
  • What you can do about bias in your company.

We believe in the power of female talent, and we’re committed to breaking down every barrier that holds women back at work. This International Women’s Day, let’s #BreakTheBias and start harnessing the boundless potential of women workers.

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