9 reasons you need an onsite staffing agency

Is your temporary workforce becoming unmanageable? Our onsite team can help

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June 20, 2023 Adecco

onsite staff speaking with employees
The United States is currently facing the hottest job market in history. As of June 2023, if every unemployed American found a job tomorrow there would still be four million unfilled jobs. Because of this, finding the right talent quickly (and efficiently) is becoming more and more of a challenge.

Can your HR team keep up with this tight and unpredictable market? An onsite staffing agency or management team can help.

What is an onsite staffing agency?

An onsite staffing agency is just as it sounds – recruiters work on the ground and alongside your company to find you great talent. Perfect for companies that need a large volume of temporary staff, onsite recruitment (also known as onsite management) experts help you hire a dedicated team to work alongside your existing team. All while you focus on your core work and everyday business needs.

Because onsite staffing agencies work alongside your company, their work solutions don’t end at hiring. In addition to onsite recruitment, these agencies provide comprehensive help with the onboarding process as well as managing your contingent labor force.

Many traditional staffing agencies, like Adecco, offer onsite management solutions whenever you need them. But why is this comprehensive service advantageous? Here are nine reasons your organization should consider hiring Adecco’s onsite staffing agency:

1. Single point of contact

Acting as an extension of your HR department, our onsite management oversees all areas of your contingent labor. For those who have workforces in the thousands or workers spread across the country, it can be a challenge to implement changes fast. A large staffing agency, like Adecco, lets you have those discussions for your entire workforce with just one team.

2. Customized retention and engagement programs

After first contact, we conduct a full discovery to identify your organization’s unique needs and build out a custom program to properly address them. Our range of onsite solutions can be tailored to your needs, offering options from full-time, multi-shift programs to part-time, seasonal-based ones covering a variety of industries.

3. Upskilling and reskilling programs

Our onsite staffing team can connect you with the Adecco Foundation. They offer free upskilling and reskilling programs to address today's growing skills gaps, helping future-proof your organization. One such success story involved our onsite staffing agency developing a forklift certification pathway for a retailer, allowing hundreds of employees to learn an important new skill.

4. Accessible and proactive staff

With our onsite solutions our industry experts will be on the field, working directly with your workforce. Our team provides daily support and instant responses to your inquiries, letting you rest easy and focus on core business requirements while your labor needs are being handled.

5. Enhanced program control and visibility

Your HR team already has their hands full managing your current employees – let us handle your contingent workforce. Because our team is solely focused on the talent we recruit, our managers have greater visibility of daily business operations and any skills gaps present while determining whether operations need to scale up or down to meet business goals.

6. Cost containment

When you partner with our onsite staffing agency you gain access to industry experts who can consult on optimal ways to reduce costs. One of our onsite clients, a $5 billion New York- based fashion retailer, saw an 83% reduction in supplier spend and a 53% reduction in payroll spend after enlisting our onsite services.

7. Compliance with policies and procedures

Our experts aren’t just knowledgeable about how to cut costs – they’re also knowledgeable about the most current legislation impacting your industry. Our PERFORM+ methodology ensures governance and operational excellence are always our priority for your workforce program, making sure operational health and safety are constantly monitored.

8. Financial analysis and reporting

We continuously invest in technology to help support business activity. That means we have access to the most in-depth analyses regarding labor costs, operational costs, and more. By utilizing this data, we provide impactful evidence-based solutions.

9. Customized safety program options

We believe that health, safety, and risk compliance are essential to fostering long-term relationships between businesses and job candidates. Our award-winning risk management team can help guide your team on making your site safer for workers.

Partner with Adecco

Adecco’s onsite management program is one of the most practical and productive tools within our repertoire of staffing solutions. Designed specifically for businesses needing a large number of qualified workers, we take the burden of hiring, onboarding, and more, off of your team so you can focus on your business.

Want to learn more about our onsite program? Read an overview about what we offer or contact us to see how we can best support you.