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Our strong team of 25,000 dedicated recruitment experts specialize in building dedicated workforce and recruitment solutions that impact the world of work, connecting people to jobs in 62 countries.


Our specialized recruiters work across 3,800 global branches.


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We provide work for people daily, and we're committed to seeing this number grow.


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We keep people skilled and trained, enabling the future of work.



We are here for you, wherever you need us.

Our History

Adecco is part of The Adecco Group and headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland.

We are a leading global workforce solutions provider active in 62 countries, with 25.000 colleagues working for us. We are currently providing jobs for over 600.000 people daily and want to bring this number to 850.000 people in the next years.

Employer needs vary, so do jobseekers’, especially in times of economic uncertainty. To meet those needs and expectations, we offer the full spectrum of workforce solutions: Temporary and permanent placement as well as outsourcing solutions to provide ultimate flexibility for both, companies and candidates; Trainings and apprenticeships to develop new skills, learn on the job and build employability, which is crucial for effective, but talent-scarce labour markets. When it comes to recruiting talent, diversity and inclusion are binding principles for us. We see inclusion not only as a business model that addresses talent scarcity and brings long-term economic benefits, but also as a responsibility toward society.

Strong, strategic partnerships with our clients have always been fundamental to our business. For us, the best way to achieve this is through our omni-channel strategy, combining physical presence with digital platforms. While we responsibly use technology such as Artificial Intelligence to enhance the way we work and the products and services we offer, we are convinced recruiting needs a deeply human-centric and personal approach, too. Adecco delivers this through a global network of 3.800 branches (urban and rural), career centres, or fully integrated client onsite presences. This way, we can ensure to offer our local and global clients and most importantly, jobseekers, the services they need, at the locations they want, at speed and in high delivery quality.

 In 1957, Adia is founded by Henri Lavanchy in Lausanne, Switzerland and quickly expands to other markets in the course of the 1960ies.
In 1964, Ecco is founded by Philippe Foriel-Destezet in Lyon, France.
Throughout the 1970's, Adia grows strongly by going global, acquiring over 85 staffing and recruiting companies in the process. Adia also gets listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange (SIX).
Ecco becomes France’s market leader in temporary staffing while Adia continues to take huge leaps into new markets, seeing sales grow to USD 1bn, becoming Europe’s leader in temporary staffing.
In 1996, Adia and Ecco merge to become “Adecco”, placing more than 250,000 people a day. On January 1, 1997, The Adecco Group was founded.
Through strategic expansion and acquisition of Olsten Staffing New York, Adecco becomes the largest recruitment company in the U.S. with total revenues of USD 11.6bn. Adecco consolidates its business under three leading names and three global divisions to better serve emerging market needs.
Adecco becomes the world leader in professional staffing in 2010 after continuing to acquire leading recruitment companies like MPS Group, and numerous technology-enabled training and recruitment platforms throughout the decade such as Vettery and General Assembly.
Adecco continues to invest in and strategically acquire AI-driven digital talent matching platforms that use machine learning and real-time data to connect talented job-seekers with companies, such as HIRED (2021) and QAPA (2021). 

Part of the Adecco Group Ecosystem

As part of The Adecco Group, Adecco

is part of a group of businesses united by a powerful mission: Making the

Future Work for Everyone. Our services and offerings help people to fulfill -

and exceed - their potential, connect with opportunities and build employability.

From end-to-end digital recruitment, executive search to coaching and beyond,

we all work under a firm commitment to operate responsibly and build a better world of work for all.  

Logo for the company QAPAThe fastest and most reliable digital job matching marketplace.
Logo for Adia A fully digital staffing service, delivering jobs on demand across industries.
Logo for the company HiredThe most efficient way to fill tech and sales roles today.
logo depicting the company AkkodisDelivering organizations tech, engineering expertise, and talent services.
Logo for the company general assemblyThe leading source for training, staffing, and career transitions for in-demand skills.
Purply LHH LogoEnabling workforce transformation, reskilling & upskilling, and talent placement.
White logo depicting the company EzraUnleash employees' limitless potential with digital and measurable coaching.
Logo for the company PontoonA leader in contingent and permanent workforce planning and talent advisory.
Logo for Spring Professionals Connecting management professionals with roles and opportunities across all industries.

Powered by technology

We responsibly use technology to attract, engage, train, and retain top talent for your business. 
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Using our extensive proprietary data, we nurture existing talent, ensuring you have a pool of great candidates ready when you need them.

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We use the most in-demand job boards and social media channels use programmatic advertising to source the best candidates.

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We use a number of digital channels to engage talent for your business, from email to our branded candidate apps and chatbots.

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To make sure we only deliver the best candidates, our digital tools include a large array of tests and assessments, customized based on your needs.

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Hire & Onboard

We enable a completely digital onboarding path for candidates so they can sign, upload, and be verified in just a few clicks.

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We provide you with direct labor market intelligence and can advise you on the next best action for your business.

Your advantages with Adecco
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    62 countries

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    1,000's of clients

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    3,800 locations

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    660,000 people on assignment