Adecco - on the Labour Horizon - Q1 2024

An insider view of labour market trends including temp staffing, legislation, inflation, DE&I with an overall employment outlook across regions.

3 minutes

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You will discover key findings across a broad range of important labour topics including:

– Labor market flexibility has risen to the forefront as a key priority, prompting the introduction of several legislative reforms across various regions. These reforms aim to underscore the dynamic nature of the employment landscape and adapt to the evolving needs of the workforce.

– Stay informed on the rise of  SMIC in France, while Belgium gears up with Flexi-jobs. 

– Labour reforms are spiking in Italy along with an increased in fixed term contracts.

– New whistle-blower Protection Law in Spain & Italy.

– Minimum remuneration changes in Poland.

– Despite economic turbulence in UK there is a positive employment outlook and renewal of the the back to work plan.

– Special focus throughout on DE&I and Refugees.


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