Adecco supports thousands of manufacturing companies every day. We partner with you to fill assembly and production jobs and more to build a team that delivers results.   

Building tomorrow's workforce

Manufacturing growth is expanding at the fastest pace in 50 years. We service and support the workforce of countless companies around the world. 

We partner with businesses in plastic products, medical devices, automobiles and parts, microelectronics, food, and more to create unique solutions that recruit, train, and upskill their workforce to meet the growing worker shortage in the manufacturing industry.
ADO_icon_web_Identify your needs
Building the best program

From screening to hiring, we build the program that’s best for your business at any scale.

ADO_icon_web_Match talent to business
Source & screen at scale

Our expert recruiters tap into our network to source the best match for you.

ADO_icon_web_Source and screen talent
Match talent to business

We always deliver on time. We know that having the right people at the right time is the key to maintaining productivity.

ADO_icon_web_Training before the job
Ready to hit the ground running

Everyone you hire is ready to start on the first day; from paperwork to training, we handle it all.

Your advantages with Adecco
  • ADO_icon_web__60 countries

    62 Countries

  • ADOiconweb50 Clients

    1000s of Clients

  • ADO_icon_web__450 Locations

    3,800 Locations

  • ADO_icon_web__70 000 Workers

    660,000 People on assignment

Experience the Adecco Difference

Quality connections, quality results.

ADO_icon_web__Custom workforce solutions
Custom staffing solutions

We build custom solutions that support your business, ensuring your goals are met

ADO_icon_web__Staffing solutions that scale
Workforce solutions at scale

We work with you to craft solutions that fit your goals for today and tomorrow.

ADO_icon_web__Specialised recruiters
Specialized recruiters

Our specialists have extensive experience in your industry and know how to navigate changes in the field.

ADO_icon_web__Advanced technology
Advanced technology

Using a mix of cutting-edge technology and a human-first approach, we guarantee to deliver you the best

ADO_icon_web__Upskilling - reskilling

We connect talent to the best upskill, reskill, and cross-skill opportunities. Learn more about Adecco’s Forklift Upskilling Program and the Aspire Academy

ADO_icon_web__Rapid turnaround-24
Rapid turnaround

We work quickly to deliver you the best talent with dedicated hands-on support.

Recruitment Solutions

Unlock your business potential with Adecco Recruitment Solutions

ADO_icon_web__Temporary placement
Temporary Placement

We manage the entire temporary recruitment process, from candidate search to payroll and administration.

ADOiconwebDiversity  inclusion
Diversity & Inclusion

Use our expertise to find the most diverse and capable talent in the market.


Future-proof your workforce with training, upskilling, and reskilling.

ADO_icon_web__Permanent placement
Permanent Recruitment

From sourcing to shortlisting, we guarantee the right match for your direct hire needs.


Whether it’s RPO, BPO, HR Service, or more, we have got you covered.

Your advantages with Adecco
  • ADO_icon_web__60 countries

    60 Countries

  • ADOiconweb50 Clients

    1000s Clients

  • ADO_icon_web__450 Locations

    Locations all across Canada

  • ADO_icon_web__70 000 Workers

    100,000 Associates