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Industry insights

Our aim is to provide full lifelong employment for everyone, adapted to personal, family, generational and geographical needs and abilities. In our position between workers and businesses, more than 33,000 FTE Adecco employees strive daily to achieve that aim by facing the realities of workers' needs and rights and businesses' and economies' quest for competitiveness and growth. In today's World of Work, adaptability and employability in terms of workforce solutions drive the agendas of all involved stakeholders.

As the leader in the Staffing Industry, we are aware of our role in the markets where we operate, across industries and sectors, in all the phases of economic cycles. We constantly strive to uphold and foster the dialogue with our societal, governmental and business stakeholders to unlock the potential of our workers, clients and own solutions. Transferring knowledge on the integration, transition and matching of the right talent to the right job is a daily challenge, that differs from gender to generation, to educational background as well as geographical and industrial conditions and belonging.

Helping people fulfil their goals through finding work opportunities and developing their skills whilst accompanying businesses and economies in their quest for competitiveness and growth is our daily business across the world. Every day, we contribute to shaping the work environment and the regulatory framework we operate in, so that more and better opportunities can be created for people in the working world. These pages invite you to discover more background information, best practices, initiatives and partnerships of our company around the Globe.