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Social Responsibility

Message from the CEO and the Corporate Governance Committee Chair

  • Alain Dehaze
    Wanda Rapaczynski

    'Better work, better life' – It's our passion

    Seven years after the financial crisis, some promising signals are emerging from the world economy. But many regions, notably much of southern Europe, are still mired in uncertainty amid patchy recovery. More broadly, the dramatic pictures of people defying the elements to gain a better life have brought home the scale of global geopolitical and economic challenges.

    In the labour market, high unemployment, particularly among young people, exacerbated by skills gaps and mismatches between people's abilities and their locations, remains central. Matters are complicated by three other key trends: the so-called 'talent crunch', which signifies the challenges of an ageing population and also the impact of increased automation; companies' constant search for greater flexibility to stay competitive; and the tendency of ever more workers to view themselves as self-employed contractors rather than staying tied for ever to a single firm.

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Our priorities within Economic, Social and Environmental (ESE)

Prioritising Activities

Our Latest CSR Report

  • CSR Report 2014

    The CSR Report & CoP 2014/2015 is published again as a full report and in 'accordance' with the comprehensive option of the Global Reporting Initiative's G4 guidelines and it has successfully completed the GRI Materiality Disclosures Service.

    Our CSR strategy aligns with our core business and responds to global trends in our industry as well as to the request and feedback received from our main stakeholders: employees, associates/candidates, our clients, suppliers and the broader public. We are convinced that success only can be achieved in the long-term when taking into account the three dimension of sustainability:

    1 Economic
    2 Social
    3 Environmental

    Our goal is to integrate all economic, social and environmental aspects into one strategy that fulfills the requirements of each of the three dimensions without compromising on any one of them.

    Our CSR Report is published annually in August.

    Online version (coming soon) PDF version (7.2mb) PDF Executive Summary (1.6mb)

    Previous CSR reports

Adecco and the Environment – Making a difference through CO2 emission reduction

Since 2010, environmental conscious management, subsequent monitoring and reduction are carried out in the areas of:

  • Electrical energy consumption
  • Mobility: company car mileages and air miles flown
  • Office supply: paper and toner consumption
  • Office equipment: computers bought and replaced

in our 15 largest markets and emerging markets (France, North America, UK & Ireland, Germany, Japan, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Argentina Mexico and Singapore)including the joint global & Adecco Switzerland headquarters. These countries represent over 86% of our business operations in terms of revenues. In the past three years, we have made the following steps:

  • Identified our Carbon Footprint in 12 major countries including global HQ
  • Used the data for all stakeholder enquiries
  • Started reducing our CO2 emission through targeted projects
  • Communicated about it accordingly to all stakeholders.

In addition, in 2012, the Adecco Group set an emission reduction target of 12% by 2022 and we expect to reach this goal through concrete action points. For the measurement and calculation of our data according to Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, we use a customised platform called 'myclimate'.

PDF version (7.2mb)

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