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Win4Youth is a global sports initiative organised by Adecco to raise money for youth foundations while living Adecco's core values actively.

After running, cycling and triathlon from 2010 to 2014 the programme celebrates its 6th anniversary. In 2015 the project will concentrate on achieving the ambitious goal of 1,750,000 km by triathlon again.

All colleagues, associates and clients in more than 60 countries throughout the company are invited to organise their own triathlon events and to participate in locally organised and official events. For all the kilometres covered by colleagues, clients and associates, Adecco Group has committed money to selected youth projects in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Colombia, Greece and the US.

Highlight event in September 2015

The Adecco Win4Youth 2015 team of 70 ambassadors will be trained to face a triathlon in Spain. It's a tough challenge, part of the ŠKODA Triathlon Series in Spain, the largest triathlon circuit in Palma de Mallorca with the third edition in 2015. And of course, our ambassadors have the full support of 32,000 colleagues in more than 60 countries that will also be swimming, cycling and running throughout the year to ensure we reach our goal.

Win4Youth 2015 Foundations

Eight foundations have been selected in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Colombia, Greece and the US. The foundations for 2015 were even chosen by the countries, thanks to the global selection process that we introduced in 2014. Every country had the chance to hand in their favorite foundation. More than 40 foundations were put forward and 8 were chosen by the countries.

The Foundations will equally benefit from the funds raised by Win4Youth.

The Foundations each take a different approach to supporting young people of various ages. However, all foundations have a common purpose – they all help give young people a future in work and life.

Australia: Foundation for Young Australians (FYA)

FYA is the only national independent non-profit organisation dedicated to all young people in Australia.

FYA's IMPACT initiative is a three-year program that up-skills and supports young Indigenous high school students. The program works with students to maintain an average school attendance of 85 per cent or above, and to create the next generation of young Indigenous leaders. Upon completion, students have gained confidence in their career aspirations, have a better understanding of their cultural identity and have developed new skills that have a wide applicability for their future.

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Belgium: Beyond the Moon

The Beyond the Moon "Sponsor a family" programme offers families with a seriously ill child the opportunity to enjoy a mem8 orable, cost-free vacation in a child-friendly environment and to spend carefree quality time together, far away from hospitals and treatments.

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Brazil: Projeto Saúde & Alegria // Health and Happiness Project - HHP

The foundation improves living conditions in the Amazon region with innovations and modern social technologies that bring a sustainable benefit to its whole community.

They work in the Amazon region with 370 Forest communities that are located in the Tapajós River's basin. They face problems like social exclusion and no access to the public services. With their programmes Community Health, Forest Economy, Education, Cultural and Communication plus Community organization and Management, they try to influence on a social economic, environmental and cultural level of society in that region.

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Bulgaria: Teach for Bulgaria

The mission of Teach for Bulgaria is to provide access to quality education to every child in Bulgaria regardless of their socio-economic background by encouraging and preparing capable and ambitious young people to become inspiring teachers and leaders.

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Cambodia (Beeline): Hope for Justice

Hope for Justice has a unique approach to restoring the lives of girls rescued from sex trafficking. They have created a model of care, which is highly individualized, recognizing the different needs of each girl coming into their program. Each girl receives personalized care to heal from her past, and through daily acts of self-affirmation, education, and support, she finds hope, and begins to realize her dreams for the future.

Rescue is only the FIRST part. Recovery is what Hope for Justice does, in terms of emotional healing and equipping them to move forward as women, through education and vocational training. Hope for Justice Graduates are teachers, nurses, business owners, and not just released back to the world with no idea what to do next.

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Colombia: Fundacion LuPines

Fundacion LuPines supports and rehabilitates children and young people with brain injury. They support not only the children but also the families in the process of empowerment of remedial habilitation and rehabilitation for children with brain injury in early childhood. Their mission is to develop the skills of these children to prepare them to be part of society through meaningful employment.

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Greece: SOS Children's Villages Greece

SOS Children's Villages Greece work for children who are orphaned, abandoned or whose families are unable to care of them, from the age of even a few months. They believe that every child should grow up in a caring family environment, and so their work helps families create a loving home where a child can be a child.

The family approach in the SOS Children's Village is based on four principles: each child needs a mother, and grows up most naturally with brothers and sisters, in their own house, within a supportive village environment.

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North America (LHH): Tomorrow's Children Fund (TCF)

The Tomorrows Children's Fund was founded by a group of committed parents to help their children and others like them with cancer and serious blood disorders.

TCF provides a warm, healthy and loving environment for children in treatment; a full scope of services to relieve families' emotional and financial stress; the very best possible medical care; and funding for research on these diseases. All of which confirms their belief that through hope, hard work and heartfelt generosity, extraordinary things are possible.

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  • Win4Youth 2011 - Mont Ventoux

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