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Over the last few years, sponsorship has taken on a much more prominent role in the PR mix of companies across the world. Linking a company's name with individuals, organisations and events is an emotionally engaging form of communication. Sponsorship reaches parts of the public that other media, such as advertising, cannot. It gives an insight into the DNA of a company and its culture – the way its relationships are built, both inside and outside the organisation.

The goal of Adecco's sponsorship strategy is not only to increase brand awareness in selected areas, but also to add definition to the brand profile and increase brand equity. Experiencing the Adecco brand through sponsorships and partnerships enables internal and external colleagues, clients, agents and opinion leaders to gain a better understanding of what Adecco is about.

Partnership philosophy

The core purpose of our sponsoring and partnership policy is to support individuals and organisations in activities relevant to our own area of expertise.

Our partnerships enable stakeholders to experience the Adecco way from a different perspective. We seek strategic links with institutions and events that can benefit from our expertise in developing and implementing HR solutions.

Adecco is also involved in initiating and partnering research initiatives in the human resources field. These are aimed at developing and sharing our expertise and knowledge.

Our partnership initiatives are part of our mission to help individuals and organisations achieve "better work, better life".

Existing partnerships

Tennis - Davis Cup and Fed Cup

Adecco is the official international sponsor and HR partner of the International Tennis Federation's (ITF) two team competitions - the Davis Cup and the Fed Cup. The sponsorship, which began in 2010, has recently been extended up to 2016 – read the press release. We are proud to renew our partnership with the International Tennis Federation in what is one of the world's largest team competitions between nations. As the Official HR Partner, we are also providing our leading recruitment expertise for large-scale international sporting competitions, as we do for other world-class sporting events.

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Athlete Career Programme

Officially launched in 2005 in cooperation with the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the Adecco Athlete Career Programme has already helped thousands of athletes prepare for a career after competitive sport.

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Asking for partnerships

Adecco seeks partnerships with organisations and events that can benefit from our know-how in the field of human resources, and in return provide a platform that showcases our expertise. These relationships can be in activities related to human resources, such as HR events, business schools and universities, or in fields where Adecco's knowledge can be of relevance, such as career programmes for athletes, talent development, or sporting and cultural events.

If you are interested in a partnership with Adecco, please do not hesitate to fill out the contact form (see contact form below), so that we can get in touch with you.

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